A suspended license can seriously effect your ability to obtain or keep a job and support your family.  If you have received that dreadful letter from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles don’t give up hope.  There are motions that we can file in order to reverse the 5 year habitual suspension as well as avoid the necessity of having to obtain SR-22 insurance. Avoiding the SR-22 requirement will save you thousands  of dollars in insurance.  Don’t spend one more day driving around Tampa wondering if today is the day you are going to jail for a Felony driving charge! Call Adamy Law Firm today and let us get you back on the road legally!!!

Ways you can end up Habitually Suspended :
  • 3 Driving while license revoked with knowledge within a 5 year period
  • 3 Driving while license revoked without knowledge within a 5 year period
  • Any combination of 3 DUI’s/ Driving While Licensed revoked charges in a 5 year period

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Two police vehicles stop a sedan on a routine traffic stop

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