When you violate your probation you are facing jail time.  Whether you violation is a felony of a misdemeanor you will need an experienced layer to help you avoid jail time.   can seriously effect your ability to obtain or keep a job and support your family.  Don’t spend one more day worried about whether or not your going to be sentenced to jail!  Call Adamy Law Firm today and let us get you back on track legally!!!

An experienced lawyer to fight your VOP :
  • Even if its your first violation on your felony probation you could receive a prison sentence.
  • Even if you don’t score prison you can receive a prison sentence.
  • Most Florida Counties handle all technical felony VOP’s in the same division so you probably will not go back to your original judge.
  • When you violate by picking up a new felony you will most likely need to resolve your new charge before you can handle the violation.

You need an experienced Violation of Probation lawyer to help you handle your case and avoid a lengthy prison sentence.  The Adamy Law Firm has handled hundreds of clients in violations court.

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When facing a Felony VOP you need experienced representation. Even on a first violation your facing prison time.  Click below for more information.



Even a Misdemenor Violation Of Probation can land you in jail waiting for a court date. Click below for more info on how we can help you with your VOP.



When you violate an intervention program you will end up right back in court fighting the charge all over again from the beginning.